Welcome to EMDR Instruction, the site for Mental Health Professionals who are striving to learn more about EMDR and how to better incorporate EMDR Therapy into their practices. Our Mission at EMDR Instruction is to train Professionals in having the necessary skills & techniques in providing effective treatment to individuals who suffer from past traumatic events. Students will gain the ability to offer clients a broad spectrum of EMDR treatment applications to treat a wide range of issues that the clients present within treatment.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is based on the concept that the brain is able to heal from emotional wounds through information processing. EMDR is an approach to psychotherapy that has continued to offer countless individuals the opportunity to achieve therapeutic goals and give them the tools for leading happier lives which are no longer influenced by past disturbing events. However, when one experiences events under traumatic or repeated disturbing circumstances, this information processing system can break down resulting in pathology. EMDR helps jumpstart that information processing which promotes the client's ability to resolve the experience and learn from it.

"EMDR has changed my practice in a way that nothing else could have done. It has provided me with the ability to help clients who otherwise would not have benefited from psychotherapy or benefited only marginally. The research indicates this is a highly effective form of psychotherapy and is certainly evidence-based. I have treated clients with developmental trauma, automobile accidents, crime victims, and combat veterans, to name a few. In addition, clients with depression and/or anxiety have also responded well to EMDR."
- Bill White, LCSW

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